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Who We Are

Created with one helping of Ohana, two cups of Mahalo, and a pound of Aloha, Eventures is delicately wrapped in the Hawaiian Islands. The philosophy of Lissa Crighton, CEO and Founder, has always been simple: Life is an Eventure—plan accordingly. The events Lissa and her team create are laced with the spirit of Hawaii down to the very last detail. The company itself is built on the values of Hawaii: Ohana, family; Mahalo, Gratitude; and Aloha, Love. Eventures believes love should remain uncomplicated, simple and clean; their elegant Hawaiian weddings reflect this organic mindset. An expansion of Weddings With Lissa, Eventures intertwines the class and spirit of Hawaii in each and every event.


Each of the Eventures Coordinators has been carefully selected for their creativity, talent and embodiment of the company’s values. With no two events alike, each Coordinator understands the importance of the details that shape the memories of a lifetime. With nearly 20 years of experience within the event planning industry, the company’s commitment to supporting local businesses and sustainability has allowed them to create a true Ohana of the island’s most elite vendors. Partnering with the best in the business not only allows each client exceptional satisfaction, but also supports the unique economy of Hawaii. Eventures is known for partnering with local organizations and entreprenuers who assist in the donation of excess—whether that be food, flowers or décor, these goods are poured back into the community from which they originate.


“We all truly love what we do, and where we come from—you can find that passion in the details of each event we coordinate. All of our clients become our Ohana, each event is made from Aloha, and we always end the day with Mahalo,” says Lissa.  Our belief in the authentic, easy going and organic sets the standard for events and weddings across the Pacific.


 While the company aims to create a dream wedding in Hawaii stress-free, in the process they unveil the real Hawai’i in hospitality, design and way of life.  Eventures hopes to leave each client—local and international—with a renewed sense of Aloha, Ohana and Mahalo to take with them and share with the world.


 Let Eventures make your dream of a Hawaiian wedding or event a reality…we do love really well.


Life is an Eventure

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